Faux Fur Pink Coat

Hi friends! Sorry for going MIA once again. Turns out when you don't feel well, even the simplest tasks become a challenge. I've gotten some questions about what the latest is with my health, if I got approved for the LA study, etc. As of now I don't have any definitive answers or what our game plan is. Once I have an update I'll be sure to share :) Thank you again for all your love and support, it truly keeps me going. 

Now for this outfit - how cute is this coat? I know some of you are probably thinking it's a little ridiculous to wear a thick faux fur coat like this in the Spring, but Colorado isn't done giving us surprise snow days, so I haven't packed up my fun winter layers just yet. I also feel like this is a piece that can be worn into the spring and transition you from those cooler temps. It's a fun statement piece you can layer over anything (think dresses, shorts, etc.). Also, this particular jacket isn't as heavy as you'd think so you definitely won't be burning up. Plus, this blush color is so trendy right now making it that much more of a great transition piece. 

Let's chat about these jeans for a second. If you follow me on Snapchat (@mallorysauer), then you may have seen me struggle to get this pair off because the ankles are so tight. That is still 100% true. I don't know why the ankles are so tight, but it definitely makes them challenging to get on and off. The rest of the jeans fit great (from the calf up). It could just be me but I wanted to give a fair warning. Other than the tight ankle issue, I love these jeans. They look so cute with everything. The distressing is so cute and the wash/color is perfect. And they're under $60! I'm determined to find a way to make them work.

That's all I have for now. Have a great week my loves!


Jacket (c/o) / T-shirt (similar) / Jeans / Shoes (c/o) / Sunnies / Purse (dupe here)