Fur Vest

                   Photo Cred: Jathan Campbell

Vest: Zara (N/A) / Sweater: American Vintage (similar) / Pants: H&M / Shoes: Steve Madden / Sunglasses: Ray-Ban 

Oh, Colorado. Here we go again. Snow. In April. It's not that I'm surprised, I'm really just annoyed. I've moved on from winter. I've set my sites on fun spring outfits. And then it snows. All day. Sweet.

Ok well enough about my feelings on snow. Let's talk about this outfit. This was my favorite go-to outfit this past winter. Partially because of the pants (and I think I've gushed about these babies enough - you get the point), but mainly because of the vest. I was in the market for a grey-ish faux fur vest that didn't look cheap, but wasn't half my rent. I was about to give up hope when I came across this baby. The drawback? It's actually a size too big. But I knew I wasn't going to find a treasure as great as this, so I kept it. Now, I actually love how big it is! It's a little bit dramatic and definitely makes a statement. I say, "Yes please!" Keeping all my colors in the same family keeps the look tasteful, in my opinion. I don't need an oversized faux fur vest to be any more obnoxious than it already is, am I right? Paired with a simple sweater, my favorite pants (have I mentioned they're my favorite?) a good lace-up bootie and boom, we have ourselves an outfit.

Thank you, snow, for giving me a reason to gush about this vest. You may now return to hibernation. Or in other words, #byefelicia.