Belted Maxi Dress

Dress & Belt: Intrigue Boutique (similar options linked below) / Shoes: Sam Edelman / Purse: Rebecca Minkoff

Happy Tuesday, friends! Hope you all had a good weekend! If you follow me on Snapchat (@mallorysauer), then you saw I spent the weekend in Newport with my mom and brother. It was such a great weekend! We stayed at this beautiful resort and just relaxed. It was so nice to disconnect - and boy did I. 

I love throwing on maxi dresses in the summer. They're easy to wear and feel glamorous in a way. I love that they can also be dressed up or down when paired with the right shoes and accessories. There are SO many great variations out there too! Open backs, print, cut outs - you name it. I love the subtle print on this maxi. Adds a little something without being overwhelming. I wanted to add the belt to define my waist a little more. Sometimes it's nice to let maxi dresses just hang, but when dressing this one up I wanted a little figure definition with the belt. 

Be sure to check out Intrigue Boutique! They have such a cute and unique selection of clothes! You can find them on Instagram @shopintrigueboutique.

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Photos by Brandon Hill

Red Statement Dress

Photos by Brandon Hill

Dress: Ami Clubwear (sold out now, but I linked a lot of dresses with a similar vibe in the tool below!) / Purse: Rebecca Minkoff / Shoes: Sam Edelman / Necklace: Park Lane Jewelry (use code 'SWEETANDSAUER' for $10 off $30+ or $25 off $75)

Happy Monday! Hope you had a great weekend! Mine was slightly eventful! I went out for dessert on Friday night and then on Saturday I went out to dinner and hung out with my cousin. I don't really go out much these days as I'm still recovering from a major Crohn's flare, so even just an hour or two out of the house is like the best thing ever to me. Gosh, how uncool do I sound? 

Now let's talk about this dress! I am not really a big color wearing girl. Nothing against it, I just always gravitate toward more neutral colors for some reason. I've always been this way too! But for some reason I was really drawn to this dress. I loved the styling of it with the open lace back and the slit in the front. Plus, I have always thought blondes looked pretty in red from pictures I've seen of friends or other bloggers and thought what the heck let's go for it! I'm so glad I did. This is definitely something I'd wear to a dressier event or even a wedding. Turns out stepping out of your fashion comfort zone isn't as scary as I thought!

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Festival Vibes

Photos by Brandon Hill

Dress On sale! (c/o) / Coat Only $28! (c/o) / Shoes / Necklace (c/o) / Braceletes (c/o) / Purse / Sunnies (sold out, but they have lots of other cute styles that are designer dupes!)

So I'm sure your Instagram and Snapchat feeds are full of Coachella posts right now. Anyone else having major FOMO like me? I've never really been a music festival kind of gal, but Coachella looks like SO much fun. Definitely something I want to do. 

I wanted to share this fun festival vibe look because it just seems appropriate with Coachella happening - 'tis the season, right? I mean, how cute is this dress?! I absolutely LOVE the cutout side detail. Adds a little flintiness when paired with the high neck. The material of this dress is suede, but it's actually super lightweight - much lighter than you'd expect. Definitely something you can wear all summer. Tip: static guard/hairspray needed to avoid clinginess. Another tip: I wore a sticky bra so I wouldn't have straps showing on the sides. I added this statement necklace with a tribal vibe to really tie the whole festival look together. Now you definitely don't need a faux fur jacket for a summer festival like I added here, but it's actually lightweight and was a last minute addition just for fun. Perfect for wearing this look in the evening. This whole look is something I'd wear for a fun dinner or even a Saturday out playing with friends. 

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What festival inspired outfits have you been wearing? What are some of your favorite festival trends you've seen?

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