Perfect Summer OTS Dress

Another off the shoulder dress for summer? Groundbreaking. I sure hope you all know what movie I'm referencing with that line. If not (tisk tisk) I'll bring you up to speed here

I found this dress while shopping with my mom, and I'll be honest, I wasn't sure about it at first, but my mom talked me into trying it on and I'm so glad she did! This is such a perfect dress for summer. The fabric is more of a linen-like material, making it super light. It's off the shoulder (duh, what isn't these days) AND.........drumroll......... IT HAS POCKETS! That might be one of the most basic girl things I've said on here in a while, but seriously, find me a girl that doesn't like hidden pockets in dresses. Another reason I really love this dress is because of the versatility. It looks super cute dressed down with white converse sneakers, and also really cute with wedges or simple sandals like the ones I'm wearing here. 

Let me rave about these shoes for a second. I was worried they would be uncomfortable, but gosh was I wrong. The platform on the front of the shoe makes them really comfortable and easy to walk in. Definitely a great summer shoe staple because they are so versatile, in my opinion.

Last - I've been thinking about doing a Q&A post - either on here or via Insta Story. Is that something you all would be interested in? If so, let me know if the comments if 1. You'd be interested, 2. What question(s) you have for me, and 3. If you'd prefer a blog post or Insta Story.  


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