Friday Favorites: NuBotanik Body Scrub

Happy Friday everyone! Hope you've had a wonderful week so far! Today I'm bringing back Friday Favorites and sharing a new body scrub I recently tried. 

I've always been curious about those coffee body scrubs out in the market. Do they work? What are they like? Are they worth the price? So when I got the opportunity to try this NuBotanik body scrub I was thrilled. 

What is NuBotanik you ask? NuBotanik offers body scrubs different from those on the market. Their scrubs are not like regular coffee scrubs in that it's a scrub with Whole Coffee Fruit. Coffee fruit vs coffee bean? Huh? Yes I was confused at first, too. Coffee beans are actually inside a coffee fruit, but the fruit is discarded most of the time. However, if you collect the fruit at the right time, it is packed with skin loving compounds. Translation: whole coffee fruit = more loving benefits for your skin. Some of the benefits include: minimizing damage to collagen by soaking up free radicals and prevention of appearance of new wrinkles and other skin damage that may be developing.  

I tried the Pear and the Coconut body scrub, and both smelled great and didn't have a funky coffee smell. I followed the instructions to a T. Wet skin, massage scrub in circular motions, let sit for a few minutes and rinse. YOU GUYS. My skin felt amazing after use. No joke. Super soft and smooth. I loved how a little bit of product went a long way and it was super easy to use. The product is a little bit messy, and definitely calls for a rinse of your shower after use. I was left with super soft skin and fresh scent. The smoothness I felt lasted for days. I also love all the benefits that come with using natural based products like this. 

Overall I'm a fan of this product! I'm going to continue using on a regular basis - especially throughout these cold, dry winter months. 

Here's the good news! NuBotanik has given me a promo code to share with all of you! Just in time for the Holidays (last minute stocking stuffer anyone?). They even have a scent that is male-friendly. If you decide to try NuBotanik for yourself, use code MALLORY10 at checkout for 10% off your order. Code will work through end of 2015. If you decide to try I'd love to hear what you think!

Have a great weekend everyone!

xo, Mal

Products mentioned in this post were provided by NuBotanik, however all thoughts and opinions are my own.