Top Makeup Products - Currently Loving

As promised, here is part 2 of my beauty favorites! Recently I did a live Instastories and shared how I do my makeup - specifically for photos. All the products listed here are things I used in that tutorial. I'm also sharing some drugstore dupes where applicable. I've received a lot of requests lately to start a vlog or YouTube channel so I can share makeup tips, etc. more regularly. What do you think? Until then, here are my current beauty loves and must haves!

1. Too Faced Primed & Poreless Primer

I love this primer because it really smoothes out the face. My face can get a little oily, but this primer is great at keeping my face matte all day long. Foundation glides on super smooth over this primer. If your skin is on the dyer side, THIS is a great option that I have used and loved.

2. Hourglass Vanish Stick Foundation

Oh my gosh this foundation is my new holy grail! The coverage is amazing. I prefer a fuller coverage and this foundation provides just that. I do a few stripes over the face, and blend out with a dense buffing brush like THIS one (any dense buffing brush will do). On days where I'm not needing as full of coverage, I've been wearing THIS foundation. It's lighter weight, but buildable if needed, and still leaves a smooth and polished finish. 

3. Kat Von D Lock-It Concealer CrΓ©me

This is a great cream concealer. It has a lightweight feel, but provides great coverage and is buildable. I swipe a few stripes in areas I want to conceal (including the classic inverted triangle below the eye), and then blend with a damp Beauty Blender

4. Laura Mercier Loose Translucent Setting Powder

This is a great all-over setting powder. A light dusting is all you need to keep makeup in place. If I'm doing a more full coverage look for photos or something like that, I like to set my under eye area with this power using the 'baking' method. I'll take my damp beauty blender and pack a light layer directly over where I put concealer. I'll let that set and 'bake' while I finish the rest of my face, then dust off with a fluffy powder brush. I find this locks my under-eye concealer in place and really adds a brightening effect. 

5. Maybelline Fit Me Matte and Poreless Powder

This is a great dupe for the NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Powder Foundation. After I've applied my foundation, if I'm looking for a little more full coverage, I'll lightly dust this powder over my face. It adds an extra layer of coverage and really gives a nice matte finish. It's also nice to keep in my bag if I need to dust a light layer on mid-day if my face gets a little oily or something.

6. ViseArt Palette - Theory Palette

I absolutely LOVE this palette. I've tried some of the bigger palettes from other brands that have a ton of colors, and while those are great for doing a wide variety of looks, this little palette has everything I need. Seriously, I feel like it was made for me. I LOVE orangey/brown colors for blue eyes. The warmer the tones, the better. This palette delivers both matte and shiny colors in the perfect range, and the formula is nice a smooth. If this smaller palette is too much for you, THIS is a great drugstore dupe with similar shades. 

7. Sephora Eyeliner Pencil - White

This is a trick I've used for years. Using a white or nude colored pencil on your lower waterline really helps open up the eye and make your eyes look nice and big and bright. You can still add color along your lower lash-line for a smoky effect, but keeping your waterline bright will keep your eyes looking big. 

8. L'Oreal Voluminous Eyelash Primer

I LOVE this primer! It's the same as my favorite mascara so there's no doubt I'm a fan. I'm obsessed with making my lashes look long (partially because I refuse to jump down the lash extension rabbit hole just yet), and this primer really does the trick. Two coats of this before your mascara and your lashes will look longer and thicker I promise!

9. L'Oreal Voluminous Mascara 

My absolute FAVORITE mascara. I've been using this one for years and I'm still obsessed to this day. I've tried a bunch of other mascaras, both drugstore and high end, and I've never found one that I like more than this one. I love that it still leaves your lashes feeling soft - I feel like so many mascaras out there leave your lashes feeling stiff after application, and I hate that feeling. I also like that if I needed to add an extra layer mid-day, I can with this formula without my lashes looking clumpy. Combined with the primer, my lashes always look long and feel great!

10. L'Oreal Voluminous Noir Liquid Eyeliner

This is a new favorite of mine. I love liquid eyeliner pencils like this as they are easy to use and manipulate. I tried this one because of my love for the Voluminous primer and mascara and I'm so glad I did! This tip is pointy, making the liner easy to use, it glides on smoothly, and lasts all day. 

11. Anastasia Brow Powder Duo - Taupe

I'm new to the brow powder game, and I'm honestly wondering what took me so long. I always used THIS pencil and loved it (I'll still reach for it on days where I'm in a rush), but the powder really was a game changer for me. I was always terrified of powder because I didn't feel like I was great at creating the perfect eyebrow shape, but it turns out you definitely don't need to be an artist to use this product. It's just as easy to use as the pencil and lasts a lot longer. That was my one big reason for switching from the pencil to the powder - the pencil felt like it wore off throughout the day. Not only does the powder stay in place, but I feel like it looks more natural as well. Also, I would run out of the pencil super fast. With the powder, you definitely get more bang for your buck.

12. MAC Bronzing Powder - Refined Golden

There are a lot of great bronzers out there, but this one is definitely my favorite that I always come back to. I hate when bronzers are a little on the grey side, I feel like they make my face look dirty. This one is definitely a warmer tone and provides just a nice healthy glow, which I love. I just tried THIS one from the drugstore and it's a great (warm-toned) alternative if you don't want to go the high-end route. It gives a beautiful bronzy glow. Plus, it smells yummy!

13. NARS Blush - Torrid

Not only is coral/pinky color that is 'Torrid' the perfect blush shade, but this product in general lasts FOREVER. I'm pretty sure my first NARS blush lasted at least a year. The only reason I threw it out was because it hit its shelf-life date and I felt it was time to toss, simply for hygienic reasons. If the color 'Torrid' isn't for you, there are so many other great color options in this blush formula. You definitely get your money's worth here. 

14. Becca Shimmering Skin Perfecting Highlighter - Champagne Pop

No, I didn't just buy this because it has Jaclyn Hill's name on it. I bought it because I really love the color. I'm not a huge highlighter obsessed person, but I do like to add a little to the high points of my face for a little extra glow. This color is gorgeous and just subtle enough where it doesn't make you look overly shiny, or like a disco ball, or like you rolled around in frosting. When paired with bronzer, it just gives that nice healthy looking glow. Plus the formula is really smooth and the product really lasts. Another item where you definitely get your money's worth. 

15. Beauty Blender

I mentioned this in a few points above, but it's a great tool to have in your collection. If you aren't into brushes for applying foundation, this is perfect for you. Super easy to use - add a few dots of foundation all over your face, and then bounce your dampened beauty blender over the face to blend foundation in. So many uses for this baby. I was skeptical at first, but it's now one of those tools I'm glad I have and continue to find uses for. 


Ok, I know that's a lot of products, but what can I say, I'm secretly a beauty junkie and love trying new makeup. These are the products I've been using and loving lately. I love trying out new products so some of my favorites may change from time to time. I'll be sure to post an updated favorites list as I find new products I love!

What products do you love and can't live without? Is there anything you've been wanting to try? I'd love to try out some of your favorites, or test drive the ones you're maybe too hesitant to try yourself. 

Also, let me know if you'd like to see more posts like this sharing my favorite items in specific categories!